Jim, Gay and Frankie lovingly dedicate this feature to a father, 
grandfather and mentor, Dick Pidcock.
- Northern Horse Review

Dick Pidcock tells the story of his cowboy days and ways.  These ways were knowledge acquired through living; experiences that have all but disappeared for most.  Those experiences, along with the undeniable common sense that good horsemen seem to just be born with, have been passed along to Gay and Gay is in turn passing them along to her daughter Frankie.  And so it goes with people - and good horse flesh - building on a solid foundation from one generation to the next. 

Dick packed for the U.S. Forest Service ...fires, clearing trails, lake planting, packing hunters in the Fall.

Gay, her husband Jim, and her father Dick Pidcock have, collectively, put together; many years of experience, knowledge, hard work, and gut instinct to build Pidcock/Coates Quarter Horses - truly as fine a set of Foundation Quarter Horses as you will find anywhere.   

Gay Coates' greatest gift from her father has been his teachings when it came to horses, and she states that 90 percent of what she does with a horse, whether it be riding, breeding or training, has come to her from his knowledge, experience and basic teachings.  - Performance Horse

Dick Pidcock has very disciplined guidelines that he worked to instill in his daughter Gay - steadfast rules of horsemanship - simple, tried and true.   He said "GOOD" about all of his horses - even if they had to be tied down to be shod - he liked 'em all.  Here are a few of Dick's favorite sayings:

Dick Pidcock riding a bucking horse
Twisp, Washington 1942

"When the need to discipline arises, do it immediately so the horse understands why, then drop the matter and get on with your ride"

"Don't spoil your horse, and when you set out to do something, always follow through."

"Some people learn the hard way, and the horse can pay with its life."

"A horse is not a machine."

"Never say 'If you do this, a horse will ALWAYS ___________.'"

"Breed for disposition and conformation, the rest will follow."

"Always turn a horse around a time or two before you mount."

"And, never, NEVER, trust a stallion."


Dick at the Pendleton Roundup.  The mare Gentle Annie, his rodeo pickup horse.
Note:  Gentle Annie was ANYTHING BUT!  She bucked nearly every time she was saddled.
"It was her sport - the rougher it was the better she liked it.  She was a good horse!"

Dad at age 80.  Looking at the (proper) end of a Quarter Horse!

His experience comes from a full and adventurous life of working with horses in the days when horses were more valued as a work animal rather than a show animal.  Tracking fires by horseback, working as wrangler, managing cattle ranches, riding saddle broncs and packing hunters to the remote lakes and the heavily wooded forests of Washington's Methow Valley near the Canadian border, Dick Pidcock did just about everything in his life by horseback. 

When his children came into his life, Dick taught them to appreciate and respect the strength, intelligence and ability of a good horse.  He believes that the conformation and ability of horses is inherent upon their individual width, depth, strength and intelligence.  Today, this type of horse is known as the Foundation Quarter Horse.

Dick Pidcock and Delilah his bulldoggin', calf ropin', rodeo pickup horse.

"My father, Dick Pidcock, was one of the forerunners of the great foundation horses, although in his early years, the Quarter Horse registry itself was just being developed.  He and his father (a cowboy who traveled and worked on ranches throughout the states of Colorado and Wyoming and played the odd role in western movies) learned through experience what made a horse "good," says daughter, Gay.

Dick Pidcock, his granddaughter, Frankie Coates, and his daughter Gay Coates .

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